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Building the brand

We believe in constant evolution of our capabilities and resources.  We are always open to harnessing new technology and media to promote our company, our agents, and our clients’ luxury goods.

In addition to building a sophisticated, turn key transactional platform, we use a wide variety of social and traditional media to enhance the brand reputation of King’s Estate Sales and Auctions.

Reality TV

One of our most exciting new efforts is our reality tv show, featuring company team members, clients, customers, and memorable items.  The show captures the dynamic nature of selling and buying of luxury goods and the personalities who collect them.

As a King’s Estate Sales and Auctions agent, you reap the benefits of promotion and publicity that comes with national scale and scope. 

Ever considered a career in show business?  Well, lights…camera…auction!  Let us know which is your “good side”.

Production Company

CK Productions is under the King umbrella and it is here that much of the brand awareness and name recognition is born.

Although our main office is in Las Vegas, we create film and video across the USA, including Los Angeles, Orange County California, Texas, Florida, New York and key locations in between. 

Find CK Productions here.

Level Up

One of the great advantages of becoming a King’s Estate Sales and Auction agent is that all the barriers to entry to this industry are immediately overcome.  

What would take years for you to create on your own has already been developed.

You can be in business and ready to make money, literally overnight.  We call this leveling up with the King’s Estate Sales and Auctions’ brand.

In most professions, they say you have to pay your dues.  Here, we’ve done it for you. 

Social Media Presence

Our social media presence is bold and constant. Not only will you reap the benefits of our brand starting from day one, you will benefit from our presence on social media including Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.  We will show you how you can do the same with ease.

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