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King’s Estate Sales and Auctions has been facilitating the buying and selling of luxury goods for more than 35 years. Today we are a nationwide, multi-branch auction estate sales company. We’re looking for dynamic, upbeat people who want to participate in our growth and success.

We consider our agents to be family. Our goal is to help all who join us to realize their full potential by learning the estate sales and auction resale trade. Through education and mentoring provided by our company, we help foster a culture of prosperity and promote the entrepreneurial spirit of our agents, their friends, and family.

Our agent network is comprised of many military veterans, husband and wife teams, retirees, and those who’ve recently left the corporate world through layoffs or by their own accord. The common thread is every agent wants to take control of their destiny and be self-employed.

There is a magic to estate sales and auctions. It can be in the process of the discovery, the accomplishment of selling, the triumph of the winning bid. Our purpose is to help others share in that magic. We teach our agents the King’s Estate Sales and Auction way, and we empower them in growing a business that makes a difference for their families, their customers, and their communities.

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