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Our internet platform is your springboard to success.

As you explore the industry of estate sales, you’ll discover many companies are limited to on-site events. We determined long ago that there were compelling reasons to offer a sophisticated, transactional, online platform to complement our sales and auctions.

To that end, we’ve spent years developing and refining the online site that is second-to-none in the auction industry. The platform software helps build your brand, increase sales revenue, maximizes bidder/buyer participation, catalogues inventory, and tracks transactions. It is fully supported and customizable for online estate sales, auctions, timed/live/buy it now events of all kinds. You are able to create your own marketplace, 24/7, anywhere in the world.

If you are chosen, once you’re an authorized King’s agent you’re able to immediately add sales online as well as onsite. The cost of this unmatched service is included in your licensing agreement and our agents find it to be one of the most valuable assets in running their businesses.

The days of selling through on-site events only are fading fast, and King’s Estate Sales and Auctions has a proven platform that is transformational. We will strive to stay in the lead with our hybrid technology formulas, giving our agents an unmatched advantage.

Extend your reach, expand your hours of operation, make more money…all from the comfort of your keyboard.

Not tech savvy, not to worry, our Kings Auctions tech team will train you and or assist on uploads on an as needed basis.

Kings sets you up to succeed.

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