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Whether you are ready to start your own business, recently laid off, just out of the military, or want more freedom and flexibility in your work life, you may be a perfect fit to becoming one of our nationwide agents. You’ll learn to manage onsite estate sales, online estate sales, online auctions, onsite auctions, private sales. and consignments.

When choosing to partner with us, we will set you up in running your own company any where in the USA. Work from home, set your own hours, and if you chose to make it a family business, all the better!

When you’re ready to get started we will provide you with all the tools you need and our 35 year track record of success is your roadmap. No more drama with co-workers and HR because you do your own hiring when you see fit. 

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Those who partner with us benefit from around-the-clock support, a smooth start up process, and access to all the tricks of the trade.

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*Increase your cash flow. 

*Live anywhere in the country. Wherever you call home, that’s your market.

*Make your own hours. You decide when and how long you want to work.

*Create opportunities for your friends and family. Build your own team with the people you trust most.

*No prior experience necessary. We provide the training and expertise you need to jump right into the world of estate sales and online auctions.

*No huge start-up costs. We have established processes and a proven online platform that you can plug into immediately.

*Collaborate with like-minded, hard-working entrepreneurs. We’ve been building a nationwide team of people who share a commitment to free enterprise, excellence, and helping each other.


We're redefining estate sales and auctions.

Kings is redefining the estate sales and auctions business model by adding an online site that is second-to-none in the auction industry. We have the ability to market locally, nationally, and worldwide.

This gives you unprecedented reach and capacity in selling your clients’ merchandise around the clock anywhere in the world gaining higher value on all goods.

Once you’re an authorized King’s agent, you’re able to utilize the platform immediately for online estate sales and online auctions in addition to onsite estate sales, onsite auctions, private sales, and consignments. The cost of this unmatched service is included in your licensing agreement and our agents find it to be one of the most valuable assets in running their businesses.

Extend your reach, expand your hours of operation, make more money…all from the comfort of your keyboard.

King’s Estate Sales and Auctions offers the greatest flexibility of any new business opportunity you might consider.

Learn how to create multiple revenue streams.

Benefit from our 35 years of experience.

King’s Estate Sales and Auctions has been in business for more than 35 years.

We’re old-fashioned about work ethic, putting clients first, and always doing right thing.  It is our history of good service that is responsible for our stellar reputation. 

We will show you how to carefully manage each job with clear communication and value, leaving clients happy and satisfied every time.

Your deadlines will always be met and there will be no surprises. 

Make money while you sleep!

We are indebted to those who selflessly give their lives to protect us. Our valiant soldiers embody this noble spirit as they bravely fight to keep our nation and citizens safe.  We all  owe them our gratitude and unwavering support. 

Let us never forget the sacrifices and contributions our great heroes have made to our society. Their courage, determination, and bravery are an inspiration to us all, and we must ensure that their legacy lives on forever. So, let us always be in support of our military heroes, for they are true champions in every sense of the word. 

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